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Schedule & Results

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Key: W = Win, L = Loss, T = Tie, OTL = Overtime Loss, SOL = Shootout Loss
c = Cancelled, p = Postponed


DateHome AwayResultsW/LDetails
August 24, 2018z-clublogo_unlvUNLV z-clublogo_unlvUNLV Black
September 14, 2018z-clublogo_unlvUNLV z-clublogo_coloradoUniversity of Colorado6 - 3W Game Details
September 15, 2018z-clublogo_unlvUNLV z-clublogo_coloradoUniversity of Colorado7 - 0W Game Details
September 21, 2018z-clublogo_unlvUNLV clublogos-asu2ASU5 - 3W Game Details
September 22, 2018z-clublogo_unlvUNLV clublogos-asu2ASU4 - 2W Game Details
October 5, 2018clublogos_utahutesUtah z-clublogo_unlvUNLV6 - 4W Game Details
October 6, 2018clublogos_utahutesUtah z-clublogo_unlvUNLV4 - 1L Game Details
October 19, 2018clublogos-asu2ASU z-clublogo_unlvUNLV2 - 3W Game Details
October 20, 2018clublogos-asu2ASU z-clublogo_unlvUNLV3 - 2L Game Details
October 26, 2018z-clublogo_unlvUNLV z-clublogo_gcuGrand Canyon University4 - 0W Game Details
October 27, 2018z-clublogo_unlvUNLV z-clublogo_gcuGrand Canyon University9 - 3W Game Details
November 8, 2018z-clublogo_jamestownUniversity of Jamestown z-clublogo_unlvUNLV1 - 6W Game Details
November 9, 2018z-clublogo_minotstateMinot State University z-clublogo_unlvUNLV4 - 2L Game Details
November 10, 2018z-clublogo_minotstateMinot State University z-clublogo_unlvUNLV3 - 1L Game Details
November 17, 2018clublogos_alabamaUniversity of Alabama z-clublogo_unlvUNLV2 - 3W Game Details
November 18, 2018clublogos_illinoisUniversity of Illinois z-clublogo_unlvUNLV1 - 6W Game Details
January 9, 2019clublogos-asu2ASU z-clublogo_unlvUNLV1 - 7W Game Details
January 10, 2019clublogos-asu2ASU z-clublogo_unlvUNLV1 - 4W Game Details
January 12, 2019University_of_Arizona_Block_A.svgUniversity of Arizona z-clublogo_unlvUNLV4 - 3OTL Game Details
January 13, 2019University_of_Arizona_Block_A.svgUniversity of Arizona z-clublogo_unlvUNLV3 - 4W Game Details
January 18, 2019z-clublogo_unlvUNLV clublogos_utahutesUtah3 - 1W Game Details
January 19, 2019z-clublogo_unlvUNLV clublogos_utahutesUtah7 - 1W Game Details
January 25, 2019z-clublogo_unlvUNLV ramsColorado State University4 - 0W Game Details
January 26, 2019z-clublogo_unlvUNLV ramsColorado State University3 - 5L Game Details
February 8, 2019z-clublogo_unlvUNLV University_of_Arizona_Block_A.svgUniversity of Arizona4 - 5L Game Details
February 9, 2019z-clublogo_unlvUNLV University_of_Arizona_Block_A.svgUniversity of Arizona4 - 2W Game Details
February 14, 2019z-clublogo_unlvUNLV z-clublogo_minotstateMinot State University
February 15, 2019z-clublogo_unlvUNLV z-clublogo_jamestownUniversity of Jamestown


DateHome AwayTimeVenuePreview
February 16, 2019z-clublogo_unlvUNLV z-clublogo_jamestownUniversity of Jamestown7:30 PMCity National Arena
Pregame Notes
February 21, 2019ramsColorado State University z-clublogo_unlvUNLV7:00 PMEPIC
Pregame Notes
February 22, 2019z-clublogo_coloradoUniversity of Colorado z-clublogo_unlvUNLV7:00 PMWilliams Village Recreation Center
Pregame Notes
February 23, 2019z-clublogo_coloradoUniversity of Colorado z-clublogo_unlvUNLV7:00 PMWilliams Village Recreation Center
Pregame Notes
March 1, 2019clublogos_stonebrookStony Brook University, New York z-clublogo_unlvUNLV9:00 PMThe Rinx
Pregame Notes
March 2, 2019clublogos_stonebrookStony Brook University, New York z-clublogo_unlvUNLV8:30 PMThe Rinx
Pregame Notes


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