Kayla Faasse

Forward Jayson DiMizio says farewell to the Skatin’ Rebels after wearing the scarlet and gray uniform for three years in 85 games.

Born in Goleta, California, DiMizio was only three-years old when he put on skates for the first time. A year later he was playing roller hockey, and two years after that began his ice hockey career.

When he was seven-years-old, his mom was driving him to hockey practice when he had a seizure in the back of the car. At the hospital they found a brain tumor.

DiMizio underwent three surgeries in the hopes of having the tumor removed. It grew back when he was 14 and he had to undergo another surgery. Luckily enough, it hasn’t come back since and DiMizio has been able to have a long hockey career.

“I had a lot of support. I talked to a lot of people about it when I was younger…” DiMizio said. “I got to experience a lot because of it. I got to experience something different than most people do, so it makes you appreciate different things.”

Despite the difficulties, he stuck with surfing, hockey, and volleyball before fully committing to a future in hockey.

Growing up, the closest rink to him was 45 minutes away added a lot of miles for his parents driving him to practice and back. With his parents dedicating so much for his hockey career, he appreciates all the support they’ve shown through the years.

“[Growing up in California], it was different, especially in Santa Barbara,” DiMizio said. “There was no hockey rink at all. I was one of the only hockey players at my high school… I didn’t get to hang out with a lot of kids I went to school with, so it made it tough at times, but I had fun with hockey.

Marking his 19th year as an ice hockey player, he has tallied a total of 21 goals and 50 assists (71 points).

Prior to joining the Rebels, DiMizio started his college career with the Trine University Thunder for a year in the ACHA Division II league and two games at the ACHA Division III level.

While a Thunder, he totaled 18 games for 15 goals and nine assists for 24 points. Once the season ended, he made the decision to transfer schools.

“I went to [Trine] for their NCAA team, but I couldn’t stay on because of their coach… he was super strict and I wanted to live college life while playing hockey,” DiMizio said. “I quit his team right off the bat, and as soon as I did that I had a feeling I was transferring somewhere by the end of the season.”

His first year repping the scarlet and gray sweater for the 2019-20 season, DiMizio saw the ice for 31 games where he scored seven goals and 20 assists (27 points).

The post season tournament was cancelled due to COVID-19, ultimately leading to the cancellation of the following season.

“It was a bummer not being able to play, even a little depressing,” DiMizio said. “I had to work during the canceled season because I didn’t have an excuse not to. It made me realize how much I appreciated the sport.”

Returning for the 2021-22 season, DiMizio appeared in the lineup for every regular season game earning six goals and 16 assists (22 points). During the National Tournament, he appeared in all three games for the Rebels, scoring three goals and an assist.

So close to a championship, the Rebels made program history as a Final Four competitor. Itching to take home the trophy, he decided to give it another go and commit to doing a fifth-year with UNLV.

“[Head coach] Greener talked me into the extra  year pretty easily,” DiMizio said. “We made it so close to the championship last year. I wanted one more shot at it before I officially put up my skates and call it a career.”

With one final game in the regular season left on his UNLV career, DiMizio has added eight goals and 14 assists (22 points) and looks towards adding more during the National Tournament.

Jayson DiMizio will hang up his #21 scarlet and gray sweater along with his skates following the 2023 National Tournament as he looks to leave with one last memorable trip with the boys.

Final Message for the Team

“We’ve got this final push for Nationals, so no mistakes coming up. I’m going to miss the amazing atmosphere we all formed in the locker room. It was a fun environment to be in, and I’ll miss the competitiveness of the team.”

Message for Incoming Recruits 

“Enjoy life and make a memory out of this place. Appreciate the hockey aspect of it all because it’ll be over and done with before you know it. So enjoy it and work hard and don’t let it blow by. You’ll graduate before you know it.”