Article By: Matt Atencio
Rebel hockey is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Penalty Box Hockey Shop.
Southern Nevada’s premier hockey outfitter, owned by Southern California and Seattle,
Washington transplant Nicholas Gerasimatos, becomes the newest partnership in the Rebel
Hockey family.
“My whole mission statement growing the game of hockey for players of all ages,” Gerasimatos
said. “Talking with Nick [Robone]…It just made sense. That is what [Rebel Hockey] was trying
to do: grow hockey as a community and as a family. That is what we wanted to be a part of.”
About Penalty Box Hockey
Located at 2230 N. Rainbow Blvd (just north of the Best in the West Shopping Center), Penalty
Box Hockey is a premier hockey outfitter in Southern Nevada. They are able to provide athletes
with all their hockey needs, from the proper socks all the way to custom sticks and skates.
Gerasimatos said the idea behind the store was due to a lack of local stores for hockey athletes to
go to for their hockey needs.
“Everybody was driving out to California or Arizona, or ordering online,” Gerasimatos said.
“There wasn’t really a destination for players to go and try on equipment, try on skates, try out
About Nicholas Gerasimatos
Gerasimatos is originally from Southern California and began skating at four years old. When he
turned 13, he had to move around to play hockey as there was not much of an opportunity to play
in his area. He eventually found himself at Shattuck St. Mary’s boarding school in Faribault,
Minnesota where he continued his hockey career. This opportunity led him to join the EJHL,
unfortunately injuries caught up to him and ended his hockey career.
Before the COVID-19 Pandemic, Gerasimatos was living in Seattle with his wife. They owned
several hockey stores there but decided to sell them off. He was ready to move on with his life,
but hockey manufactures kept calling and asking if he wanted to open a new store in a different
location. Eventually, he gave in and said he was interested. However, the destination came as a
shock to him.
“They said, ‘we want you to open a store in Vegas’,” Gerasimatos said. “I said, ‘You’re out of
your mind, there is no hockey in Vegas.’ Then they said hockey was booming in Vegas and it
was the fastest growing market in North America.”
After a short visit to see all the new hockey centers in Las Vegas, Gerasimatos was sold. He
moved out here and opened Penalty Box Hockey and the rest is history.
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