Press Release – 10/3/2017

To UNLV Hockey Family, and Supporters,

I wanted to reach out directly and update everyone on the last few days. As many of you know, our Assistant Coach Nick Robone was involved in the tragic events at the Route 91 Harvest Festival on Sunday night. He is currently still in the ICU, but making great progress. As of this afternoon they had removed the breathing tube, and he has started to speak. Though this is great news, Nick will have a very difficult road ahead.

We as a organization have had an incredible amount of support. The outpouring of support for Nick, our players, and our staff has been genuinely amazing. We sat down as a group, and made the difficult decision to move forward with our games this weekend. It is what Nick would want. Our players are in a very unique situation. Some were in attendance on Sunday night. There is no playbook for this type of thing, and each person will react, and recover in their own way. We, as a staff, are there for each of our players, and the Athletic Department at UNLV has been extremely helpful in their support of our team. It’s been a difficult time for everyone. With that being said, it is our hope to provide our student-athletes, our supporters, and our city, a little bit of a distraction on Friday and Saturday night. We feel that we owe it to the victims of this tragic event, to play on. We can’t let this senseless act of violence dictate how we live, work, study, and play.

We hope that our supporters, families, and even some new faces, turnout in full force this weekend; to support our players, and show them that this city is behind them. Many of our players are here to study at UNLV from all over the world, with their families far away. We embrace these students, and provide them with their own unique family, their teammates. The hockey world is a very tight, unique culture, filled with some of the best people. We have seen this first hand. The support has been incredible. We plan to host a number of fundraising opportunities this weekend to help benefit Nick’s recovery process. There is a GoFundMe set up for Nick, and we also plan to sell a limited number of special T-shirts at the games; with proceeds going directly to Nick’s family.

We hope to see everyone out this weekend, in support of Nick, as well as all the victims of this terrible tragedy. We want to show our players why this is such an incredible city, that we will not be broken by these events. We are #VEGASSTRONG, we are #RoboneStrong, WE ARE LAS VEGAS.